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2023 Calder Cup Playoffs

‘Rocket, Yeah’: Comets Advance in Hysterical Finish

‘Rocket, Yeah’: Comets Advance in Hysterical Finish

UTICA, NY – Hysteria. The 1987 Def Leopard album containing the hit “Rocket.” The Laval Rocket spent Game Two trying to avoid just that.

One of the symptoms of hysteria is blindness. One player who didn’t have that was Cayden Primeau, who was a big factor in the 2-1 loss. His vision through the first period was unmatched. There were times in Game One when I questioned how well he would perform, given a few shaky goals in Laval. 

Those questions fell on deaf ears in the first nine minutes. Utica dumped not testers but high-quality scoring chances on his goal. He had to be sharp, especially knowing it was do-or-die for his season.

That goaltending stole the show in period one, but things needed to change for the Rocket. I think everyone understood that effort simply wasn’t going to do it.

Hallucinations are another sign of hysteria. No, you’re not seeing things; you’re seeing skate after skate in front of Nico Daws. The shot by Frédéric Allard jetted its way through traffic to get the game’s opening goal.

The Comets needed one just one to tie. They knew this, and no doubt that’s the mindset they went in to the third period with. They had the chances available to them, and they tried to push that into the third period. 

Now they’re in the final stanza; everything is in the chorus.

It ends with the line, “Rocket, yeah.” 

End of Regulation? Yeah, the Rocket gave up the tying goal.

No chance for Primeau as Reilly Walsh let up a zinger from the point. The crowd felt our third symptom of hysteria: Loss of sensation. The crowd swept off their feet from the shot and with just two seconds left in regulation the game was tied. 

To that point, Primeau had no help. None. The third period was all Utica. Very little sense of urgency as Utica had dangerous chances all game long.

And you can’t tell me the puck doesn’t have eyes.

A shot from the point in-front of three Rocket and two Comets in the slot

Courtesy / AHL TV

The final symptom: Increased suggestibility. Not the suggestibility that you may think. A suggestion from the writer. Cover the front of your net. The end result of a hard-fought game that you didn’t win.

Simon Nemec with the shot from the line, Samuel Laberge hanging in front of the net, and it’s onto the second track for the Comets.

The Rocket lost Game One by not having the opportunity to score goals; they didn’t have any chances. The Rocket lost Game Two by giving up too many chances.

No fault to Primeau, who stood on his head for 62:45

All in all, a leopard always shows its spots and spotty defense left their playoff dreams deafening.

The Comets will move on to face the Toronto Marlies with Game One set to start on Thursday.

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    Zack Power covers the Toronto Marlies for Field Pass Hockey. Follow and interact with him on Twitter @FPHMarlies.

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