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The Holy GrAHL Podcast Episode 36: 2022-23 AHL Season Kickoff

The Holy GrAHL Podcast

The Holy GrAHL Podcast Episode 36: 2022-23 AHL Season Kickoff

After a long summer, the 2022-23 AHL Season is finally here!

In episode 26 of The Holy GrAHL podcast, hosts Zack Power, Andrew Rinaldi, Corey Swartz, and Deana Weinheimer welcome the season while recapping some of the biggest stories from the summer.

It seems like the Coachella Valley Firebirds and Calgary Wranglers have been in the news all summer long. Andrew, Corey, Deana, and Zack run down all the highlights to get you up to speed!

There was also a flurry of offseason coaching changes. Lost track of them all? No fear, The Holy GrAHL is here! Check out our analysis and run down of every head coaching change for the 2022-23 AHL season.

Stick around for some fun too. Swipe Left/Swipe Right is back, and a few other segments make their debut.

Finally, Deana runs the guys through a “Hey. I know that name” bonus round. Find out what a 404 error code and a Jack-O-Lantern have to do with the AHL.

The Holy GrAHL, Field Pass Hockey’s flagship American Hockey League Podcast. Each week, we look into the biggest stories out of the AHL, its players, and their teams.

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    Deana Weinheimer is a Managing Editor, podcast host, and covers the American Hockey League for Field Pass Hockey. Follow and interact with her on Twitter @FPHAHL.

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