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Three Periods Podcast Episode #21: We’re Legal Y’all!


Three Periods Podcast Episode #21: We’re Legal Y’all!

From all-star announcements to taxi squads to dumping Duke’s Mayonnaise on a football coach’s head, it’s a jam-packed episode #21 of the Three Periods Podcast!

Welcome to the Three Periods Podcast, Field Pass Hockey’s ECHL-centric podcast, presented by PURE Performance!

In episode #21, hosts Matthew Will and Matthew Harding breakdown the latest news on and off the ice in the ECHL, including:

  • Coaches and officials have been selected for the ECHL All-Star Classic in Jacksonville
  • The great call-up of 2021 continues…with 84 players getting the call as of Thursday
  • Will taxi squads end at the NHL’s All-Star Break or will they stay the entire season?
  • Increased strain on ECHL & SPHL rosters to continue filling the void of players in the AHL
  • For coaches with depleted rosters, does it become more about surviving to field a healthy roster than winning?
  • Our look back at 2021 in the ECHL
  • We say good riddance to things that irked us in the past year, including dumping weird stuff over coach’s heads…

  • Offer up some things we’d like to see in 2022
  • It wouldn’t be a Three Periods Podcast without our picks, including a breakdown of the Nico Blachman/Travis Howe pregame tet-au-tet:

Thank you so much for listening to and engaging the podcast this year! We look forward to having more great guests and intriguing conversations coming up in the New Year!

Be sure to let us know your picks and where you’re watching the games from!

Follow the show on Twitter, @ThreePeriodsPod, and leave us feedback about what you would like to see discussed in future podcast episodes!

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    Matthew Harding is the Managing Editor for Field Pass Hockey, covers the ECHL and the Wichita Thunder. Follow and interact with him on Twitter @FPHThunder.

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