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Welcome to the New Era of The Sin Bin

Welcome to the New Era of The Sin Bin

Welcome to the new home of TheSinBin.net!

Swanky digs, eh?

Before I get into the crux of the article, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for coming to our site over the last five-and-a-half years. We are absolutely nowhere without you.

There have been so many cool things we’ve done as an organization during that time; seeing our content on SportsCenter, airing the ECHL All-Star Classic on The Sin Bin App, being on-location when the biggest prizes in minor league hockey have been awarded, the list goes on and on. But above all of that, there have been some amazing people come through here who, brick-by-brick, have built The Sin Bin into the undisputed leader for minor league hockey news. Without them, the first chapter of The Sin Bin never happens, so a quick ‘thank you’ to those who helped build this amazing organization.

Now, like so many things this year, The Sin Bin was impacted by the Coronavirus stoppage across hockey. We were going head-long into planning our playoff coverage when everything stopped nearly five months ago. After being a little stunned and wrapping up the season, our editorial staff, led by Managing Editor Zach Courter, came together and quickly realized that the long layoff gave us an opportunity to do something we hadn’t done in a while, re-invent our site. After all, if you’re not changing, you’re dying, especially in today’s media landscape.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” – Plato

Six simple words guided our staff during this refresh and rebrand of our website.

At our core, The Sin Bin will continue to be the best, most engaging, most entertaining site available to all hockey fans. We want fans in every city to know that if they want to talk about their team, get the inside scoop, and some fresh opinions, then The Sin Bin is the place to go.  As it has since day one, our mission is to produce content that adheres to our “quality over quantity” credo. Any website can have a writer plug in a 150-word blurb with the hope of getting a few clicks, but here, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of why that player is worth the look.

Also as part of this refresh, we’ve expanded our podcast lineup to include two team-based podcasts, something we hope to expand upon in the years ahead, as well as a new podcast dedicated to the ECHL that will debut soon. We are also looking to expand our game broadcast platform and will also have more on that, soon.

As you’ve come to expect from The Sin Bin, we have a stable of the best photographers in minor league hockey and look forward to bringing you some of their great work once play resumes.

But the thing that we are most excited about is that along with the refresh of the website, our mobile app is also getting a brand new look and features as well. Look for version 2.0 of The Sin Bin App in your favorite app store sometime around August 17.

The Sin Bin app will feature a clean new look and easier access to your favorite content from our site. Without a doubt, the biggest feature we are most excited about is bringing video highlights to you as soon as they are available. There are apps in the major sports leagues that send push notifications when amazing things happen within games. Now, thanks to our expanded partnership with Sporfie, The Sin Bin will be doing the same thing at the minor league level! Whether you’re sitting at the arena, watching from home, or out for a night on the town, you’ll never miss another highlight-reel goal, incredible save, or rivalry-fueled brawl! Simply have The Sin Bin app downloaded and whenever there is a video you should see, we will send a push notification to your phone, click that notification and it will take you to a video player within the app! It’s as simple as that! We are extremely excited about this feature and our new app, and we look forward to elevating the content that we bring you on a daily basis!

Today represents a new era for our organization, one that will deepen our service to readers, podcast and game broadcast listeners, photo enthusiasts, and hockey fans all around North America. The arenas and how we cover games may look a little different once we get back to them, but the intensity and the storylines around them won’t be. We are looking forward to the challenge and hope this chapter of The Sin Bin’s story is even more successful than the first.

So, just as Joe Rozycki said when he launched this in March 2013:

“Welcome to The Sin Bin. Chirp hard and troll responsibly. Let’s have some fun, shall we?”

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    Matthew Harding is the Managing Editor for Field Pass Hockey, covers the ECHL and the Wichita Thunder. Follow and interact with him on Twitter @FPHThunder.

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